10 Secret Ways for a Pocket-Friendly Hotel Stay – Save More Money Now!

“Who said hotel stays are costly? You can save a lot. Just follow these simple tricks to learn more about pocket friendly hotel stay.”

Planning a dream trip? I know it’s not an easy task and the toughest job is to keep the expenses under control. Speaking of expenses, the list is long. Travel cost, meal cost, lodging cost and much more. You can easily control the other expenses but cutting down the costs of hotel stays can be a bit tricky. Want to know the tricks? Here are 10 secret ways for a pocket friendly hotel stay that is surely worth the buck.

pocket friendly hotel

1. Make a phone call

The age of the internet has made things really easy especially in terms of booking hotel rooms. Rather than making a call you will try out a number of hotel booking websites like hotels.com, priceline.com etc, and quite a handful of websites like Groupon and Living Social, right? The offers and deals provides by these sites are no doubt lucrative. But the flip side is that you can only get them if you book a package of airfare and hotel.  In such cases, a simple phone call to the desk might get you perks. Sometimes it pays off being traditional.

2. Search for deals on the hotel website

Many hotel booking websites often grand deals but they are generally post limited by the hotels. As a result, the offers do not reach to the booking sites altogether. So make it a point to search the hotel websites too. It is likely that you may discover hidden deals.

3. Join hotel loyalty program

No time in hand? Want a stress free process? Simply restrict your search. Become a loyal member of a hotel franchise and reap the benefits from hotel reward program. It will not only save your time but also save you from the hassle of searching several options while giving you the privilege to stay where you want.

4. Opt for travel packages

This is especially for all you net savvy people. All you need is time and patience. Do a thorough research on some of the grand deals offered by hotel booking sites. Grab on to those travel bundles including air fare and hotel stay. Viola, you have saved quite a lot! It’s true that you might have to compromise on various aspects of your vacation but in return you will get is a trusted guidance and savings. Not a bad deal at all!

5. Book in advance

Time pays. Book your hotel rooms in advance. The more time you have the less you have to pay. In popular destinations, the price of hotel rooms increases during the last minute. So always try to book three to five months earlier to save big time!

6. Opt for in-room kitchen

Why dine out during the entire vacation when it can add up to your hotel bills? Opt for the in-room kitchen where you can rustle up small meals. Store food items like fruit juice, biscuits etc in the mini fridge of your room. Trust me, this will add up to a lot of saving in the long run.

7. Use coupon and promotional codes

The internet is flooded with coupon and promotional codes. We all know this. So what are you waiting for? Search the net now and get coupons for the hotels on your preferred location.

8. Avoid the weekend traffic

Planning a vacation during the weekend? Well, this will not work. Why? The demand for hotel rooms increases leading to the rise in price. In order to save money book a hotel when the rush is at the lowest. Try during the first few days of the week.

9. Inquire for a price match

It is always better to ask. If you have found a cheaper rate somewhere else, always ask for a price match. If your hotel is competing enough, it will surely match the price of the room to fit you in.

10. Delete those web cookies

Sometimes the culprit behind those false raised prices on booking sites may be hidden in your system. They are nothing but web cookies delivering personalized ads. They know what you are searching for the last couple of days and take advantage of it. Delete those notorious cookies and see the price rate going down magically.

Do not let your hotel stay expenses ruin the vacation fun. Follow these simple tricks to save big on your dream destination. Who said hotel stay was costly!

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