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Vacation Rentals – Home Away from Home

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Are your planning for a family vacation? Want to save some bucks on lodging yet enjoy a spacious stay other than a hotel room? Read this blog to know about vacation rentals?”

Vacation Rentals – Home Away from Home

Planning for a vacation involves a lot of hard work. Apart from deciding the destination, booking flight tickets, a lot of effort goes into making arrangements for the lodging. Generally, families opt for hotels for their stay. But have you thought about vacation rentals as an alternative option? They are not only affordable but offer more space than at a lower price than a hotel room. So if you are traveling with your family, make it a point to try this lodging option on your next trip. Again, if you are an independent traveler, who wants to feel like a local on your next trip abroad, how about choosing a spacious abode in form of vacation rentals?  Renting can be your chance to discover what it really feels like to live in a “home away from home”. Read further to know why globe trotters are catching up on this trend of vacation rentals.

Types of vacation rentals

If you thought beach houses were the only kind of vacation rentals and you can opt for this type of lodging only on you summer trips to the sea, think again. Beach houses are just a part of an ever growing industry. So, on your next trip to Paris, you can rent an apartment or rent a villa in Tuscany or maybe a penthouse in Sydney. How about a tree house in Puerto Rico? No matter how exotic your location is or what kind of lodging you are interested in, you will get a variety of vacation rental of your choice.

So it’s time to ditch hotels and have some more money in your pocket to splurge on things other than your lodging. Not convinced yet? Check out why a vacation rental is right for your next trip. 

  1. More space 

Staying at a vacation rental means more space and more privacy for you to enjoy the trip with your near and dear ones. So if you don’t want to remain confined in a single room of a hotel with only a bed, dresser and a wardrobe at your disposal, this is the best thing you can get as lodging during your trip. Sip on your favorite wine and enjoy the sunset against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower from the balcony of your rented apartment or enjoy sunrise at the sea from the living room of your rented apartment at Bali. 

  1. Well furnished kitchen 

You will even get an access to a well-furnished kitchen where you can cook your favorite breakfast or some midday snacks for your kids. No need to spend money on small meals at expensive restaurants. Apart from a kitchen, you will also have access to washer or dryer. This is a great perk as you don’t have to shell out a single penny on costly laundry service.

  1. Added advantages 

If your property is a part of a larger resort or a condo complex you might also enjoy privileges of outdoor activities like golf, tennis, swimming and much more. To add to this you might also get the benefit of concierge service, maid service, room service and in-house restaurants if you rent a serviced rental.

Vacation rentals are an economical and practical option for families and large groups who would otherwise have to pay for more on hotel rooms. Sharing a rental allows you to enjoy family meals together in the communal kitchen as well as enjoy privacy in individual bedrooms. Again it also provides an opportunity for some lone traveler to blend with the local culture of a new destination by renting an accommodation in a residential neighborhood of the place. Away from the popular tourist area of the town, he can hang out in local cafes, shop from local stores and mingle with the local population to get the feel of the place. On the flip side, you can also live a luxurious life you dreamt of for some days in a rented secluded beach villa. The choice is yours.

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