Top 6 Questions Everyone Asks while Availing a B&B Service

Thinking about availing bed and breakfast service? If this is your first time at a B&B, the following tips in this blog will help you know more about etiquettes of this type of service.”

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A personalized and warm service like bed and breakfast is always better than traditional hotel services which are more professional in nature. So, if you are thinking about availing a B&B service and that too for the first time, here are some basic etiquette that you must be aware of to enjoy a smooth and relaxing stay at a B&B in your dream destination and be the best guest ever. Read this blog to know more.

1.Do I have to eat breakfast with other guests?

One of the perks of availing a B&B service is to share a home cooked breakfast with fellow travelers. Though the breakfast is included in the price of your stay, in reality, it is more flexible. There is no compulsion that you have to have it with co-travelers. If you want you can opt for local restaurants or you can skip breakfast altogether and sleep till noon. It is your vacation and the innkeepers understand that and they will provide you with the best service ever. However, if you are staying at a large property with full-service restaurant, you might not have to declare that you are skipping breakfast. But if it is a small establishment with a handful of staff, it is better to let them know about your breakfast plans in advance. Check out the inn’s website or have a word with the innkeeper if you are not sure what to do.

2. Can I opt for grab and go breakfast or have it in my room?

Most B&B owners are happy to provide you with grab and go breakfast as they understand your travel needs. If you have an airplane to catch at the morning or prefer to go for hiking, they can pack a healthy ready-to-go breakfast for you. But again it is advisable to get in touch with the innkeepers first to know about this particular service. As far as having breakfast in your room is conserned, some B&B offer in-room dining while others don’t. 

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3. How much should I interact with the staff?

Generally, after you enter, the innkeeper will give you a short tour of the property. He will tell you about the breakfast system and other details you need to know. He will show you your room and answer your queries. After that, it is up to the guest to communicate. Most housekeepers have an intercom, buzzer or bell system that guests can use to reach them. As far as the housekeeping and ground staffs are concerned, you might probably never see them. 

4. Should I give tips to the staff?

If you visit B&B run by the owners, tipping is not required. But if the inn hires some outside help, innkeepers might expect some tips. But B&Bs are not like restaurants or hotel where the staffs make money through tips. Tipping is not a regular custom in beds and breakfast services. 

5. Can I take my children to B&B inns?

B&Bs are specially suited for couples and most B&Bs have age restrictions mentioned on their websites. So it is better to check the details of your chosen bed and breakfast inn before you take your children along. 

6. What if I check-in late?

Innkeepers are well aware of the uncertainties of travel like traffic jams or flight getting delayed. It is okay if you check-in late, make sure to get in touch with your host and let them know about the change in plans. Before you leave, make sure to have the contact details your B&B host.

The best thing about B&Bs is that each of them is unique in their own way. The more you visit them, the more amazing experiences you will gain. Just make sure to keep these etiquettes in mind for a pleasant stay.


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